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United Laboratories Company (ULC) is a specialized company that provides diagnostic laboratory services in the medical laboratory fields of Clinical, Dental, Animal, Environmental and Food Testing.

ULC is a subsidiary of United Medical Services (UMS) which is one of the leading medical groups providing multi-specialty healthcare services to the population of Kuwait through its specialized medical group of companies.

ULC is committed to maintain and exceed quality assurance standards and policies in all the services it provides, thus, its laboratories becoming the first and only laboratories of its kind to achieve both ISO 15189:2007 Accreditation and College of American Pathologies (CAP) Accreditation in the region.

  • Largest and most sophisticated medical and dental laboratory in Kuwait
  • United Genetic Medical Laboratory, the first laboratory providing in-house testing of newborn inherited diseases – Newborn Screening Panel
  • United Training & Continuing Education Center provides training and continuing education programs to medical and dental professionals
  • Quality team offers laboratory consultation for CAP accreditation
June 11, 2017
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