Hard Work & Dedication pays off. As part of that philosophy, we have launched an all-new website for Bangladesh High Commission New Delhi with improved navigation, more information, and more ways for visitors to interact.

bangladesh embassy website Design

The website features a new refreshing design, an improved user experience and armed with latest tools of features. The changes are all aimed at making the website more user friendly and giving Visitors more information and features.

A New Refreshing Design We wanted to keep what makes the essence of bdhcdelhi’s web interfaces  : big pictures on the homepage to immerse visitors in our universe, permanent access to most important contents on homepage etc. The Design layout has been modernized, using the current codes of "Flat Design", a pure and refined style which leaves the best place for content, news and visuals, hence greatly improving readability.

An effective website is not like a brochure, it is more like a conversation. And in a conversation, if one person does all the talking, the other quickly becomes bored. If your website provides no opportunity for your visitors to interact with it, they'll feel uninvolved and leave. The website for Bangladesh High commission is made by taking the above mentioned concepts in considerations.